© 2019 By Etno Cafe

© 2019 By Etno Cafe


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Cold Brew Coffee

by Etno Cafe

Cold Brew Coffee is made by steeping coarsely ground beans in cold water. This process brings out what’s best in coffee. We prepare it at our coffee brewery, using beans from our own craft roastery. Cold Brew production is comparable to beer brewing!




of Cold Brew Coffee

We make our Cold Brew Coffee in five different flavours Classic, Orange, Apple, Spicy Caramel and Vanilla. It’s the first product of its kind on the Polish market. The drink is designed for all the customers who are looking for an alternative to the energy drinks.


Etno Cafe


Cold Brew Coffee it's a drink with some exceptional qulitiesIt was launched in 2016.
We prepare it just beside our roastery, small bottles of steeped coffee. No hot water used! We created something unique on the Polish market – bottled Cold Brew Coffee, with enough caffeine to beat the espresso. It also makes a healthy alternative to energy drinks.

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